Humans Who Lead (HwL) was born out of a passion to develop stronger leaders and evolve the paradigm of leadership. HwL is a Leadership Development platform and community dedicated to expanding the idea of leadership and helping people grow into the type of leaders they authentically aspire to be, based on the philosophy of Humanistic Leadership. We deliver programs and provide access to a robust ecosystem of the world's leading edge resources that focus on developing more humanistic leaders earlier in their careers. Leadership development is not just for those at the top or the selected few - it is about unlocking the human potential in all of us. We believe that anyone can be a great leader, as long as they remain curious and committed to developing themselves as a human being first. After all, we are humans first, leaders second.

"Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." - Rumi

The future of leadership relies on our ability to be more human. Join the movement and help us create a new leadership paradigm.

What we do

With the changing nature of business, leadership now takes many different forms. However, one thing remains true in that as a human being, your ability to lead centres around how you interact with others. 


This is why all of our programs and providers focus on helping leaders strengthen relationships and interactions.  We offer three ways to engage with us on a learning journey.



Learn on your own

Access self-directed learning materials and virtual coaching to help you explore topics that support how you communicate more effectively as a leader 


Learn with people outside of your organisation

Access a single platform to connect with our Learning Community and ecosystem. Join virtual and in-person events held throughout the year to learn alongside like-minded learners and expand your perspective. 


Learn with your team and organisation


Access learning programs that develop high performing teams through an emphasis on strengthening relationships. Our programs are all about effective communication to help teams realise potential.

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Allison Tsao


Curious, Passionate, Courageous

Allison’s career has spanned previous lives at Merrill Lynch, Deloitte Consulting, Accenture, and American Express. Her global curiosity led her to move to Sydney, Australia in 2014, joining Veldhoen + Company as a Senior Workplace Consultant helping organisations transform the way they work through Activity Based Working (ABW). Allison has worked alongside some of the greatest companies in the world (20+ organisations and counting) across various industries, geographies, and sizes, addressing some of their most pressing business challenges.


Throughout her 14 years of consulting around people, process, and culture, Allison has continued to experience the world changing at a rapid rate. This rate of change is impacting all organisations, resulting in a need to shift the way we currently manage and lead our teams so that organisations can create value through more innovation and creativity. Allison believes that the way we can support this shift in leadership is by creating a more human way of leading – one that invites authenticity and emphasises trusting relationships. Her experience and intuition has led her to create Humans Who Lead, a global Leadership Development platform and community dedicated to shifting the leadership paradigm and helping people be at their best. 


Allison’s natural strengths have always been her curiosity, her balanced intuition and logic, her ability to thrive in strategy and execution, and her clear, empathetic, and human way of communicating with and relating to others. She is an experienced program manager, leadership coach, facilitator, and OD practitioner, bringing creativity and a dose of unconventionality to every engagement she designs and delivers. Allison holds a Bachelor of Science in Management, Marketing, and International Business from New York University's Stern School of Business and a Masters of Science in Organisation Development from Pepperdine University. She is also a board member of the Asia OD Network. Allison is a committed life long learner and draws inspiration from meditation, her loving partner, family, and friends, hiking in nature, yoga, adventure travel, cooking, and reading. 

Interested to know more? Download Allison's full bio here.


Sydney, Australia

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