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The Inaugural Asia organisation development NetworK (AODN)

UN-Conference in Australia is coming


Calling all Organisation Development (OD) and Change Practitioners!

Join us at the AODN Conference - "Finding Your OD Tribe: Developing Your OD Performance and Resilience"

Are you a change agent? Do you develop people and teams? Do you facilitate connection and conversation? Are you a strategic advisor or influencer to others? Then you are practicing OD. The field of organisation development (OD) is more important than ever. OD practitioners role model and help others build the skills that are vital to thrive in today's complex business environment - human skills.

Join us at the AODN's inaugural un-conference in Sydney, Australia. The one day event seeks to bring together people who are practicing OD in various ways to share knowledge, develop wisdom, and gain perspectives that will shape each individual in how they practice and contribute to the field now and in the future. Whether you are curious about the field or a long standing practitioner, all are welcome in a very non-traditional, un-conference experience.


Register for this event below and check back often for details on the agenda and logistics. We hope to see you there!



Date: Saturday, 1 June 2019

Time: 9:30am-4:30pm

Location: State Library of New South Wales

Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Entrance through the cafe on corner of Macquarie Street and Domain Terrace

Pay it Forward Day of Volunteering on 2 June 2019

(Optional Attendance)

Gather with new friends to give back to the community

More details to come on venue and charity cause



Early registration by 13th April - $69AUD

Regular registration by 25th May - $89AUD

Late registration by 31st May- $109AUD

Un-Conference Details

As a board member of the AODN, this event is being hosted by Allison Tsao, Founder of Humans Who Lead. The day will be co-created and co-facilitated by all in the room, with some guest speakers and OD elders contributing along the way. Click here to learn about the speakers, facilitators, and session designers involved.

Who is this un-conference for?

Many of us practice OD either as part of a small team or solo. This can amount to a big and sometimes lonely (?) task  which requires a resilient community. Building this community of practice is all about developing OD practitioners as "self as instrument to change." Put simply, to be at our best, we must develop and grow ourselves in a space with people who foster our growth. 

History of the AODN in Australia

Allison moved to Sydney in November 2014 from NYC. While in Sydney, she completed her masters in OD at Pepperdine University in August 2016. It was after this major milestone that Roland Sullivan reached out to Allison with an invitation that would change her life - help him build the AODN in Australia.


The AODN and its history remains young and decentralised as compared to its sister organisation, the OD Network based in the USA. With Roland and others' visions to bring OD to Asia and build the future of the practice to enable eastern and western practices, the AODN is building its presence in China, India, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and across South East Asia.


For the first time, the AODN launches in Australia to broaden its Asia Pacific reach and provide a platform for greater inclusion and global community. This conference is a small step in developing our Australia based community to translate global OD values and practices to what our organisations and communities locally need. It also gets Australia ready for the stage in 2021, when it is set to host the AODN Annual Summit.

Learn more about the AODN

You want to develop yourself and grow and apply this growth to your practice


You want to learn about the current, progressive, and cutting edge things happening in the field of OD


You want a safe space to explore, practice, and experiment with OD tools and practices 


You want to bring increased creativity into what you do


You are seeking co-created learnings, experiences, and discussions


You want to meet diverse people who share OD values 


You want to re-energise yourself, away from the usual office politics and egos


You want to be of service to others


This Un-Conference is for you if:

What will I get out of attending?

Looking for a detailed agenda? Then this event may not be right for you. If you want to learn more about what to expect from the day, you can contact Allison at

active learning and participation

Much of the event is co-created by you! This means everyone contributes as much (or as little) as they want. Learn from one another, shape the agenda and topics that you care about, ask questions, and challenge each other in a community forum. 

Connect with others who face similar possibilities and challenges and share a set of values that draws them to the OD and change field. Create deeper connections that enable you to draw on your tribe during and after the Un-Conference.

Bring your whole self to this Un-Conference to find your growth edge in a comfortable and supportive place where others do the same. Gather with others who want to continuously learn as whole human beings to try new things.

Be a bit playful as we explore less traditional ways of meeting and interacting. Leverage your creativity and intuition to find more expansive ways to practice OD and change.


Sydney, Australia

+61 431 847 327

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