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Blog Series #3: Transformational Change: Sense-making as a Key to Success

In my first blog, I introduced the idea that if organisations are seeking transformational change, they must address organisational culture in order to enable this transformation. Change, despite many of the horror stories we hear, can be more energising, humane, and fun. I introduced 7 key attributes that must be part of your transformational change […]

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Blog Series: Transformational Change – An idealist’s point of view on how to create it and make it a more energising, humane process, Post #1

I’ve been an organisationalchange consultant for over a decade. Early in my career, I remember when organisational changes were being announced, glossy banners and presentations would be shared around declaring “change is the new norm.” It seemed that if we normalised change, that people would buy into it. Recently, I was on a webinar and […]

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